Laser Hair Removal

No more endless shaving, tedious plucking, painful waxing, sharp razor nicks and messy hair removal creams! At Skin Renewal we feature Venus Velocity™ hair removal. We provide effective, quick, and comfortable hair removal for the face and body using the state-of-the-art laser technology.


Why our hair removal treatments are right for you

Effective Results

Powerful diode laser technology will reduce your unwanted hair

Fast Treatments

Our Clinicians can remove unwanted hair in less time than traditional treatments, even for large areas of the body. There’s no downtime so you can return to your regular routine immediately afterward

Safe for All Skin Tones

Our treatment is safe for all skin tones, even tanned skin. The advanced cooling system works on contact to ensure your skin is always protected, so you can enjoy a more comfortable treatment

How it works

Hair grows in a cycle of three stages: anagen (growth), catagen (transitional), and telogen (resting). Venus Velocity™ uses laser technology to target the hair follicle in the anagen phase, which is when the hair responds best to the treatment. About 30% of hair is in this phase at any given time, which is why you need multiple treatments to see results.

Venus Velocity™ work by delivering energy to the hair follicle, where it’s absorbed by the hair pigment. This destroys the follicle so that hair cannot grow anymore, resulting in permanent hair reduction.

What to expect

Multiple sessions are needed for permanent hair reduction, because hair forms in different stages—it must be in the growth stage for laser hair removal to work. The number of sessions and the duration of each session will vary for each patient depending on the area being treated.

Your Skin Renewal Clinician will customize your treatment plan based on your skin tone and hair type.

Your laser hair removal session will be brief, clean and you will be ready to carry on with your day right after your treatment.

You will experience little or no discomfort.


We don’t advertise our treatment prices, as the plan discussed with your Clinician determines the cost of treatment. Your consultation is FREE if combined with the first treatment. Our goal is to provide you with the treatment options you need with terms that you can afford.

If you decline the first treatment at your consultation, a one-time $50 consultation fee will be billed. We offer flexible payment terms if needed. If you have questions or would like to know more, you can email us or call 403-238-9488.

Small Areas

Navel, Upper lip, Areola, Basic Bikini, Feet, Hands, Chin, Ears, Side Burns, Unibrow.

Medium Areas

Shoulders, Upper back, Lower back, Brazilian Bikini (Women), Abdomen, Full face, Underarms, Upper arms, Forearms, Back of the neck, Front of neck, Half-face.

Large Areas

Chest, Full arms, Upper legs, Full back, Lower legs, Full legs.